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Dr Dion Sargeant has an extensive educational background in the health sciences.  In 1997 he completed his first degree, a Bachelor Applied Science (Human in Biology) at RMIT University.  He then went on to graduate with distinction another Bachelor of Applied Sciences degree, this time in Complimentary Medicine, again at RMIT in 2005.   From there he formally completed his chiropractic education in 2007 with a Masters Degree in Clinical Chiropractic.

Since graduating chiropractic college Dr Dion has been in private practice throughout various locations around Melbourne and Queensland.  In late 2016, he settled into Mt Martha with his partner and 2 children to establish a small boutique home practice - Balcombe Functional Health. 

Dr Dion has a keen interest in the management of chronic health problems.  Throughout his chiropractic career he developed a particular interest in the small subset of his patients that didn't respond to chiropractic treatments, in the usually expected favourable manner.  It became apparent to him that these individuals had more than just biomechanical issues as the source of their health problems.  He realises that these individuals typically had a cumulate load of multiple stressors overwhelming their bodies ability to adapt and cope.  As a result their bodies environment becomes hyper inflammatory and consequently treatment with manual therapy alone typically doesn't  yield a meaningful resolution. 


In a never-ending quest to learn how to better manage these long-suffering individuals, Dr Dion took a keen interest in Applied Kinesiology.  This enabled him to identify, with the use of manual muscle testing, what some of these cumulative environmental stressors could be. Thus, tailored lifestyle interventions and modifications can be formulated to minimise the burden of these stressors and the subsequent inflammatory states that they ensue.  Through utilising a more holistic approach to treatment that addresses all potential sources of stress - mechanical, physical and emotional, Dr Dion has helped many to navigate through their chronic health conditions naturally, helping to relieve much discomfort that many had just accepted as a normal part of their existence.  

To even further understand and manage these challenging hard to treat individuals, in 2016 Dr Dion began studying Functional Medicine.  Functional Medicine uses laboratory testing to better understand the unique functional biochemical and physiological processes at the root cause of one's health complaints and symptomatology.  This has enabled a more precise and objective measure of aberrant processes within the body that muscle testing alone may not be able to adequately demonstrate.  Armed with such knowledge, a truly unique and individualised management approach can be formulated to help manage a range of chronic health conditions.  

Our Mission:


To provide our community with a uniquely comprehensive level of health service.    Where we endeavor to uncover everyone’s complete health story, to reveal the detail and discover the clues that hint to the potential causes of one’s health challenges.  At Balcombe Functional Health we believe that within everyone lies a wisdom which is capable of returning our bodies back to normal function.  Its only once obstacles to health are identified and removed, whilst providing the body with all that it needs, that healing can take place, and our natural state of wellness can be recovered.  


Chronic Pain, Migraine, headache, digestive problems, indigestion, bloating,

fatigue, tiredness, adrenal fatigue, burnout, spinal, back pain, arthritis, Depression, Anxiety, Mornington, Mount Martha, Frankston, Peninsula, Melbourne, Mt Eliza, Somerville, Rosebud, Tyabb, Safety Beach, Dromana, Seaford, Carrum downs, Carrum, 

Dr Dion Sargeant, 
BApSci (Human Bio) BApSci (Comp Med) MClinChiro

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