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Dr Dion Sargeant 

Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Functional Medicine 

Initial Consultation                                                                       $180 (Concession $160)

An hour long visit incorporating a thorough patient history, examination and treatment .

Second Consultation                                                                    $135 (Concession $120)

45 minute consultation allowing extra time to re-evaluate all of the findings from the first visit and then deliver further treatment as required and make appropriate recommendations. 

Long Consultation / Re-examination                                            $135 (Concession $120)

45 minute consultation allowing extra time to for evaluation of complex cases or for a re-examination after not having been in for a while 

Standard Consultation                                                                 $90 (Concession $80)

30 minute consultation and treatment for the on-going management of a current patient 

Kim Beer 


Standard Myotherapy  Consultation                                            $110

One hour long myotherapy session 

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